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Black LED Starcloth Draping
Draping and Starcloth

Transform your venue with Diamond Weddings Venue draping and starcloth hire service. If you have booked your function in a community or village hall or a large hall such as a town hall, hotel, pub, sports or school hall and you don’t like the way it looks then we can transform this space that will leave your guests speechless. Our company specialises in decorating and transforming venues with the use of creative draping hire which transforms the whole look of the venue. So whether it is a small hall to hold a 100 guests or a large venue that can hold up to 2000 guests we can drape the space and completely make it look different. We will carry out a venue assessment onsite and measure the hall so that you can be assured that the draping hire can be decorated with drapes to create a completely transformed look
We offer White pleated drapes which can cover any wall to transform the look and give a clean white/ivory finish, but if you want to enhance this we can add our LED Mood Lighting to bring out that colour towash the walls.
We also offer Black and White LED Starcloth, again to drape any venue we bring our poling system and kit out any venue any size. 

  • Black LED Starcloth Draping
  • Black LED Starcloth Draping
  • Black LED Starcloth Draping